Cutting Edge Technology

Our team is cutting edge in our capabilities, we proficiently understand and utilize AutoCAD Software Civil3D 2014, Mapping/Raster, Survey Component, and Infra Works. Our philosophy at IC Corp is that we maintain the knowledge and training needed for the benefit of our client’s professional image and competitive profit margin. We have integrated a required weekly work group study and yearly continuing education training. This allows us to maintain a comprehensive understanding of our CAD software. Not only do we provide data and drawings utilizing the most current software, additionally our production rate is positively affected.

Cut Overhead Costs

Business Model : IC Corp introduces an innovative business model that is complementary to our client’s bottom line. Our clients hire us as subcontractors rather than the typical employee/employer model. This structure means our clients do not carry the burden of overhead costs.

Project Based Budgeting: Outsourcing with IC Corp allows our clients to use allocate our support services with 100% billable hours. Employee/Employer business models are designed provide for non producing hours of operation but with outsourcing IC Corp is designed to maximize production by minimizing project based cost. We bill only for production and per project

Project Deadline Support

It’s common in our industry to become overwhelmed with work flow. Outsourcing allows our clients to handle the ebb and flow of the work load more effectively. We support those agencies which find they are behind on deadlines or are over burdened with not meeting deadlines.

Businesses in our industry range from the small business one man operation to the large corporate business. Our support allows for the small business who cannot afford a full time employee and/or the software to stay competitive.

AutoCAD Technician and Drafting Support Services

I.C. Corp was launched in 2007 under the influence of our first mentor and client, Civil Engineer, Roger Wright, RGW Enterprises. The idea that we could cut overhead by disengaging the employee/employer relationship and setting up an individual subcontracting relationship is attributed to his vision and faith in our abilities. This business model has allowed us to maximize profit and productivity for both our clients and our own business.

The experienced CAD Techs at IC Corp support multiple entities such as Irrigation Districts, Port Entities, Public Utilities and City Development Departments though Land management, GIS Mapping support, and Marketing Site Designs.

In addition, we provide support for developers through site planning, the application process, and marketing land development through our professional graphic design specialist.


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